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The citrus fruits possess a variety of positive characteristics. However, it’s likely to cause problems if you consume too much.

The consumption of citrus fruits and juice can lead to tooth decay. This is because your teeth are constantly exposed to acidic fruits. Acids and sugars can make enamel soft over time. Since enamel cannot be returning once it has been destroyed and worn away it will put you at danger of getting more cavities, and various dental problems.

Limes and lemons are both harmful, and should consume in moderation. To stop tooth loss it is a vital ingredient in many Hispanic food distribution recipes. Especially if you enjoy eating the same type of food frequently, which many people often do.

Vitamin C, however, is necessary for the health of hair and skin. It is essential for maintaining collagen and those deficient in this vitamin can even suffer from bleeding gums that can lead to problems with the teeth creating dental issues with no consumption of acidic citrus. You can enjoy a few limes on tacos, or even a couple of oranges each day. But, it’s important that you brush the teeth at least once a day to prevent the acid from becoming a problem.

2. Soft Drinks

Although soft drinks shouldn’t be shocking when looking at food items that can harm enamel, it is worth being mentioned due to how harmful they could be. Just as citrus fruits have acid which can damage your tooth enamel, the sweeteners in soft drinks may combine with the naturally occurring oral bacteria to make acid. The acid can harm your enamel similarly as citrus ac s9dxfw2urw.

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