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How Did Google First Get Started?

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Before all the search engine optimizations strategies clawing at each other for the best of Google’s search engine rankings, Sergey Brin was assigned to show U Michigan grad Larry Page around Stanford in 1995.

The following year, the duo began collaborating on a search engine called BackRub. This system checked sites’ backlinks to estimate the sites’ importance. BackRub operated on the Stanford servers for more than a year, until it simply took up too much bandwidth.

Then, in 1997, just two years after they met, is registered as a domain name. It’s a play on the word “googol,” which is a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral one followed by 100 zeroes. “Google” is meant to reflect the Read More

Do You Have the SEO Tools Necessary to Succeed?

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Sergey Brin and Larry Page utilized LEGO bricks to create storage compartments for the 10 4 GB hard drives that were necessary to test the PageRank algorithm when the search engine was just a grad school project So much has changed for Google and other search engines since ten. Right now, Google search engine rankings are of the utmost importance as SEO tools gauging the effectiveness of internet marketing. Of the billion searches performed online every month, about 75 percent are done by online users who never continue past the first page of Google results. Thus, if your web page does not come up organically on page 1, you are not going to get much traffic to your site.

Also, 70 to 80 percent of online users completely ignore sponsored ads online in favor of clicking on the organic results they searched for. T Read More