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With Over a Billion Internet Searches Taking Place Every Month, Why Should Your Company Stay So Low in the Results?


Did you know that over one billion searches are made on the internet each month?Do you know what search engine optimization can do for your company website? If you do not know what SEO marketing is then your site is most likely in dire need of update. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Which is just a technical way of describing the ways you get your site higher in google rankings. Did you know that less than a quarter of internet users ever scroll past the first page of search results? The best way to improve you comanys online marketing is to improve your search engine rankings.

More than half of consumers researching a product will turn to a search engine rather t Read More

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How Google Rankings Have Revolutionized the Search Engine Industry

Google rankings

Google’s first doodle was created in 1998, when the Burning Man was depicted by the company’s founders, who were in attendance at the Nevada festival. See, the company has always been different in its technologies, its creativity and its innovation. Take for another example how it mows the lawn of its corporate headquarters. Rented goats are used rather than mowers. This helps reduce the impact a gas mower would have on the environment, it gives these goats another purpose and it probably cuts down on the amount Google has to pay for the service.

These initially may not feel like strong reasons to follow this company in its innovation as it revolves around search engine optimization, but these examples show the company’s breadth of inspiration and innovation, and they make people better comprehend how the company thinks so that they may see just a glimpse of greatness in its purest form. Google rankings are the gold standard across the search engine ranking industry, and one chance to understand its power could make someone transition from a Google hater to a Google lover.

Google already has 65 percent to 70 percent of the world’s market share for search engines, so it has already proven itself as a clear leader here, with most people considering Google rankings to be the real and true answers. Some folks have been following the company’s efforts for some time, understanding that online marketing in its most basic form has to envelop SEO in some fashion and that Google rankings are the top choice for their results. The company’s founders, its leaders and its staff members are happy to work on these new innovations too, bringing continually dramatic improvements to the search engine world and bringing drastic changes to the world of online advertising.

Case in point: 70 percent to 80 percent of the world’s search engine users will never look at a sponsored result and would prefer to click on organic results, which are deemed to be more directly related to the specific keyword at hand and less involved with direct advertising. Additionally, inbound leads produced through search engine optimization efforts cost dramatically less than leads that are outbound, like cold calling. There is typically a 61 percent cost difference, yet SEO produces much better results than cold calling in most industries. Google rankings are leading the charge here, and through these Google rankings closer connections are made between consumers and the companies vying for their attention.