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Best jobs for artsy types Signs and other such.

One of the best jobs for creative types who write is the copywriter role. If you’re interested in this field, you’ll be working in conjunction with agencies for marketing or advertising to create compelling copy which will promote their products or services.

Copywriters create copy to complement videos, visual elements and any other type of marketing material.

It is also possible to become an editor , who edits the copy , instead of writing the copy if that’s more your style.


If you enjoy thinking of the stories they want to tell and making intriguing characters to tell those stories is bound to enjoy the job of an author. Being able to earn a living as an author is considered as one of the top jobs for artsy types, but it can be a bit difficult to become successful. Even though you will not be Stephen King or JK Rowling at once, it’s possible to strive towards that lofty aim.

Cabinet maker

The kitchen cabinetry service is a job for you when you’re an experienced maker and enjoy building cabinets. You’ll be part of a team that makes custom and gorgeous cabinets for home owners who are renovating or building. The place you work and what cabinets you create will affect your salary.

If you don’t like working for the company you work for, you may do it yourself and begin an own cabinet-making company.

Developer for the Web

If you love web design, it is likely that among the most rewarding jobs for artsy types that involve coding and design includes web design. Work with other people to develop beautiful web pages, as well as independently and work for various customers. You’ll need to stay current with the latest internet fashions and technologies as well as the latest programming languages for this to be one of the most successful careers.


If you are a fan of your craft and think that teaching is a lucrative career such as college drama or music teachers could be the perfect fit the right choice for the right person. The job pays well and is a great way to have enjoyable.


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