Choosing Between Assisted Living or Nursing Homes – Outdoor Family Portraits

One difference between these types of institutions is that assisted living provides an environment of residential care and nursing homes provide services in a medical setting.
If your loved one can be independent and does not require constant medical care, then assisted living could be the best option. These facilities are designed to assist with the day-to-day activities of living while helping the elderly maintain an optimum level of independence. There are even memory care facilities for people with conditions such as dementia.
Assistance for seniors with many recreational activities, in addition to the standard medical and personal services. According to the National Center for Assisted Living, (NCAL) states that the US is home to 918,700 assisted-living residents. Average assisted living stays last about 22 months. However, on the other hand eight35 days is the average length of stay at the nursing home. Call a professional in memory care for help with assisted living. 18ra91pgxy.

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