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Orthodontics are a great option for up to 50-75% of people. There are a lot of people who receive orthodontic treatment each year using metal of orthodontics, it’s crucial to know what you can do to take care of these braces. In this post we will examine some methods you can clean your teeth following an orthodontic treatment using metal.

One thing crucial to be aware of is that you will need focus more on brushing. Metal-based braces may make it more difficult to brush because brackets will be placed upon the teeth. It is essential to clean every tooth. Making it through the brackets can be difficult however, if you take the appropriate care, you’ll increase the hygiene of your mouth.

The other thing to understand is that you’ll most likely not be able to apply regular floss. Special floss is made with a sturdy end. It is possible to use the flexible end to run it through brackets. You can also use waterpiks to substitute flossing. They employ the pressure of water to cleanse between the teeth.


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