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When a patient is receiving orthodontic treatment, maintaining their dental health is necessary. Patients should have the ability to utilize particular tools and methods throughout treatment to remove food from the braces and teeth.

Flossing is one practice which must be performed daily. To floss correctly it is necessary to follow a specific procedure. They will have to thread the floss underneath the archwire. In order to thread floss between teeth, a person is required to utilize floss threaders.

A proxabrush is another tool someone can use to clean between teeth and around braces. The brush is tiny, and it has bristles that can get in between the teeth and thoroughly clean them of small dust particles. In order to clean the teeth of a particular person in addition to their surrounding areas one must press the toothbrush lightly beneath the archwire.

Braces treatment may also require orthodontic wax. The wax is placed on top of those areas that are sensitive inside the mouth that braces meet. It provides a coating that assists the person to prevent further injuries. c6qn28c48c.

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