How Aluminum Changed the World – Concordia Research

Did you have the knowledge that aluminum was one of the very first metals identified, and was used in many different ways? We’ll take a brief glance at how the use of aluminum altered the way we see it.
The first topic we should to address is flight. Early experiments used wood and canvas for flight instruments. These materials aren’t difficult to come by however, they’re not always light. Enter aluminum. This material enabled Wright Brothers inventors to create lightweight and strong plane engines. Actually, it was the Wright brothers were the first ever to make use of aluminum for the creation of engines.
Then, aluminum helped to change the modern way of air travel that we understand it. The possibility of air travel was created with the help of aluminum.
It was never easy to discover aluminum. In reality, it used to be one of the most costly metals in the world. In the 1880s that the method to mass refine and manufacture was invented to make aluminum less expensive. w8mlur23v5.

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