How Do Frameless Glass Doors Work? – Home Efficiency Tips

Ever wondered how frameless glass doors work? Glass that is frameless not only beautiful, but can also take up less room in your house.

A sealant is put between glass panels when installing frameless glass. A translucent, UV-protected h-channel weatherstrip that tightens both the outside and inside seals is utilized as a sealant. The tight seal gives any weather, breeze or other moisture absolutely no opportunity to get between the frames of glass.

Frameless glass is made up of either laminated or tempered glass. These two pieces come together creating the dimension of frameless glass less than half of an inch. Glass comes with a track it rests on. The track will be recessed into the soil to give an elegant and seamless surface. It is possible to open the panels by opening them from either side. You can then stack them until you get to the top.

Contrary to conventional doors, framesless glass doors let you expand as many of the panels as you’d like with the daily activities. The frameless glass is strong and satisfying. It’s durable enough to stand up to every kind of conditions.


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