How Does Window Tinting Work? – Daves Auto Glass Repair


The reason it’s done

There are many motives for why this is necessary. Certain car owners tint their windows for safety and privacy. Other people tint their windows for UV protection and to limit the amount of the buildup of heat in the vehicle.

How to Shape the Film

In advance of applying tint, it is recommended that apply clean water over your window. The film will glide on its surface thanks to this. To avoid scratches, the tint film can be put in the bottom of the glass using a stainless-steel blade.

What is the best way to shrink the film

Once the film is removed, you can apply the tint by using a hairdryer or a squeegee. The first reduces the film down. It smooths the film and helps get rid of air bubbles.

Film Installation

After the tinting has been cut to the desired size it is possible to have the edges removed. After that, the inside of the window is cleaned in order to eliminate any imperfections within the tint. Both the window and film will be sprayed with soapy liquid prior to the final install.


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