How Much Should an Engagement Ring Cost You? – Kingdom Gold

A lot of people don’t know how much they should spend on a ring or how to choose a wedding ring. You must be able to tell your partner how much you should and should spend on a wedding ring.

The following video can help you estimate how much you would spend. Dave Ramsey gives some advice for the person who is calling to inquire about buying an engagement ring. Dave Ramsey suggests spending less than one month of your earnings to purchase a rings. There are some sites that recommend spending more than two months on wedding rings. This allows people to spend a lot on rings, it stops them going into debt which they are unable to pay off quickly.

Of course, this rule of thumb might not be the best for you if you’re making either lots of money or just a little. It is crucial the wedding ring that the person you are with is happy to wear. Contact the jeweler for additional tips on purchasing engagement rings. rf5qnavhre.

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