How to Install Cassette Roller Window Shades – Home Improvement Tax

Ades are favored by a lot of homeowners due to the fact that it allows them more control over the amount of sunshine that gets into the room. Many companies will set up the roller shades for you. In the event that your preference is to do it yourself, the process can be quite simple.

All you require is one drill, a screwdriver and steel measuring tape and the pencil. The shades you purchase will provide the brackets and screws you need.

It is possible to mount the shades at the top or sides of an exposed headrail. Shades with cassettes cannot be placed on the bottom.

Your brackets must be set 2 to 4 inches away from your windows. But, this may differ based on the width of your shade is. After you measure, use your pencil to mark the dimensions to make sure the brackets are in line.

The brackets should be marked to align them with your frame’s outside edge. After that, take a measurement of every bracket’s length another time. Before you drill the brackets, you should predrill the holes so the screws are more easily to insert.

Once the brackets have been set, it’s time to install the headrail or cassette.


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