How to Repair an Oil Filter Housing Leak – NASCAR Race Cars

If there’s a part of your m20 motor which is leaky and leaves you having trouble with it, this video is exactly what you’re in need of.

This video will explain exactly what you should do in order to prevent your oil from leaks. It starts with a description of how it mounts on the block. The video shows the location where the oil filters sit and where the two oil cooler lines are going to be. This video will also explain what is the cause of your m20’s leak. The video shows you how to join the seal to the motor with the circular one that is on the back. You will also need the seal and the metal washer that goes on the main bolt. If you plan to make use of them, first take off the bolt.

The kit will not be required. housing for the oil filter kit. After seals have been removed, the video shows you how to remove the old seals and replace them with the new ones. No leaks are likely to occur. r1p493jfam.

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