Learn How to Diagnose and DIY Your Refrigeration Repair – DIY Projects for Home

The basic guidelines should be followed before proceeding towards more difficult repairs.
Verify that your refrigerator is connected and is receiving the power. Once you’ve opened the door, it should come on.
Verify that the thermostat has in fact not set all the way down. If the thermostat in your fridge or freezer doesn’t work.
Make sure the vents on both sides in the freezer compartment aren’t covered by ice cream boxes or frozen vegetables–cold air needs to move around, which is why you need to make sure the vents are clean.
Clean the coils underneath or in the refrigerator behind. A lack of cooling is often caused by clogged coils.
Make sure the condenser fan isn’t blocked and rotates without restriction (models that have coils at the back will lack an exhaust fan). Unplug your refrigerator, then pull it out. If the fan is blocked, wash the blades and spin it by hand. Check that the refrigerator is working and connected to the supply. If the fan won’t turn on, refer to the guidelines below to repair it.
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