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Community transmission studies are that are being conducted all over the globe with the aim of forming the policy decisions that are being made. Part of this is developing tests that are able to be administered at your home. For instance, a home-based antibody test is one of the examples. The first step is to confirm that the test results are correct prior to conducting an entire community study. The study aims to see whether people are able to take tests themselves and be able to read and comprehend the results. If they are not it is necessary to make changes to be made. The test is sent to randomly selected people in the UK in order that they can perform it at home.

The test is focused on IGG , which is a measure of immunity against the virus. Once the test is evaluated for usability as a test, the researchers plan to assess prevalence of past infection in the company with an extensive study conducted in the UK. The aim of these actions include bringing a sense regularity within the country and across the world. wpb5igpvnq.

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