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ntellectual property.

Intellectual property (or IP) is the concept, idea, or invention that someone creates. It could include concepts, processes, logos, songs, discoveries, or even symbols. Anyone can assert IP on many items.

IP is the property of the creator. The creator decides who is responsible for it, how they use it as well as where it’s being used and, most importantly who can sell the IP and make money from it.

In a digital world that is populated by others who have access to a myriad of ideas It is crucial to make use of the legal framework in place to protect IP. Patents are available for application (inventions and new processes, machines, etc) and copyrights (art, music writing, movies), trademarks (business trademarks or names) or. ).

If you want to get the legal status you must work on the procedure, like an IP lawyer. They can walk you through the steps of getting your IP legally protected.

The process will require the time and effort, but getting your intellectual property legally recognized is one of the best ways to be sure you don’t get an idea or work copied. There are many IP attorneys online, or ask family members and friends to recommend a lawyer. It is their responsibility to aid you all the process.


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