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est tightness. There is no way to know the reason why someone develops asthma, but they do have some data regarding risk factors that can cause it.

Some risk factors include the presence of asthma in your family or being a man, suffering from eczema, and being exposed to indoor air pollution, inhaling smoke from cigarette cigarettes along with mold, as well as cleaning vapors. While some of these factors cannot be controlled in the slightest but exposure to pollutants in the air can be controlled. This is crucial for children.

Asthma is often treated with medicines administered through inhalers. Inhalers can be used to rapidly relieve asthma symptoms attacks. Inhaled corticosteroids can help to avoid future attacks, like long-acting beta-agonists as well as leukotriene modifiers. In general, asthma sufferers are prescribed a combination of both rescue as well as long-term medicines to treat the asthma symptoms.

The doctor can help you select the most effective combination of medication and show you ways to reduce pollutant levels in your house to allow you to breathe easily, avoid future attacks and manage the symptoms of asthma. mqfnnn6vxq.

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