Tips for Putting Together the Final Details of Your Inexpensive Winter Wedding – Everlasting Memories

It’s important to remember that while they may say “yes” on the wedding day, that isn’t a guarantee that they’ll not make sure to follow up!

Wedding Film and Photography

Film and photography should be the top priority over all other things. High-quality photos and videos are what make weddings memorable. Thus, skimping on these is not recommended. GoPro cameras are smaller and less bulky than professional cameras. These cameras can fulfill similar functions to regular cameras and can also be connected to surfboards, helmets or other equipment to capture video.

Design Your Wedding Around a Theme

The decorations can be combined using a single theme, if you pick a central concept. An extravagant party can work perfect with masquerade masks and boas. Meanwhile, winter wonderlands are easily brought to life with faux snow and ice-sculptures. If the weather allows it, think about an “alpine” feel.

Choose colors that bring warmth. An array of warm shades of red and green can create a warm atmosphere. If you want something a more non-Christmasy, fall colors such as the pumpkin, rust and terracotta convey thoughts of comfort and light. If you’re on a tight budget look into candles. Candles are beautiful decor and will cost you almost nothing to rent. Make sure not to allow them to contact anything that might spark.

Look through your library’s books sale section for a wide selection of inexpensive alternatives. You can sift up some books or pierce them with the arrowheads, and then decorate them by placing candles in votive holders, but be sure they’re heat-resistant. Print out a picture of a tent or teepee and put it next to the front entrance. It won’t be obvious you didn’t design it!

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