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Firstly, you need to switch off the gas source as well as the electric supply to the water heater. Also, you must drain the water from the tank, therefore, you’ll need to close that water main. You can usually do this simply by opening the valve near the highest. You’ll have to use a pump next to remove any water that is inside the heater. This can easily do by turning off the valve for draining. You should also remove all hot water pipes at home to release the vacuum, and allow it to go.

After you have removed the water, cut the hot water pipe however, make sure you make it in a good area. Self-tightening tubes are one option. You should also cut the coals. The gas connection is made through a union, which can break up quickly with tools. In the end, you are able to take off the directly contact heater and wheel it away.

When you are equipped with the appropriate tools and expertise, replacing a direct-contact water heater is easy to do. You can watch the rest of the video to learn more information on replacing water heaters.


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