Using Google to Expand Your Business

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Did you know that web users conduct in excess of 100 billion online searches each month? According to data collected by World Internet Stats, the number of global internet users has more than quadrupled since 2003. As you might imagine, the sheer volume of web users around the globe has created an unprecedented amount of marketing opportunities.

Over the last five years, the means through which people access the web has added an extra twist to internet marketing companies. This is because over 60% of the American population owns a smartphone, and nearly half of them use their devices to research products and services. As a result, online marketing firms are expending more research on gathering data about the habits of people who use the internet and mobile devices.

Marketing research shows that about 70% of the world population uses Google to search the web. Also, nearly 60% turn to a search engine to research a product or service before buying. All the time and money that companies invest in SEO marketing research has shown that companies that use blogs garner more than 430% more indexed pages. Ultimately, this generates more marketing leads.

As online marketing research grows, the most innovative internet marketing companies continue to create fresh and exciting SEO tools that are designed with Google rankings in mind. By enlisting the services of a top SEO firm, businesses will be able to take advantage of the infinite opportunities that are available though the Web.

In this day and age, online marketing is crucial for the success of every business. Regardless of their size or industry clout, no business will be able to succeed in the long-term if they are not able to use Google to their advantage. A leading SEO firm can assist any business in doing just that.

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