What Could be Wrong with Your Water Heater? – Home Improvement Videos

Certain water heater problems may be solved. The popular YouTube channel Pros DIY looks at what is wrong with your water heater.

You do need to call a water heater repair professional to ensure that the thermostat is functioning. Water heaters are made to shut down when water temperature reaches 190°F. If you’re still experiencing cold water and everything else looks okay, it’s probably the thermostat is not working properly.

Make sure that your water heater is receiving power. Are the power cables damaged? the appearance of a damaged plug? Do you have a trip circuit break in the electric water heater Electric water heaters feature switches for safety which may have shut the water heater off. It’s possible to switch it back on.

If you have gas heaters, is the pilot light lit? If the pilot light is on and there is no blinking light nearby, test the thermopile’s voltage to see if it is producing the required amount. In the event that it isn’t producing enough voltage, then call a repair service to replace the thermopile. The gas valve could be the problem if it is functioning properly. 9kpag2dnkv.

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