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They defend their “bad people”. There is a greater deal of controversy over the issue. One stereotype about lawyers for criminal defense is that they try to get criminals guilty onto the streets. The lawyer is often confronted with similar queries when she travels to dinner parties and social occasions. Many people are of a negative opinion concerning the criminal justice system. She is often asked queries regarding specific questions. As a citizen of a free society every person has the right to a fair trial. Jury and judge decide what happens to their client. The principles should not be applied if you are unable to defend yourself. Criminal lawyers have been questioned about to defend their clients for centuries. What is the best way to defend someone who is guilty of committing a criminal act? It’s difficult to defend someone who wants to plead guilty , but is not guilty. The fight against a criminal conviction is an arduous process. Most people get granted bail when it is the best case scenario. In the worst case, you are sitting in a jail cell waiting for your trial day. Sometimes, hopelessness is also a factor in a criminal defense case. cmns3kkt44.

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