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MedPay is shorthand for medical expense coverage. It is also added to your car insurance policy. It is offered only in states that don’t offer personal injury insurance. Like the title suggests, the policy is intended to pay for medical expenses for you or your passengers should you be injured in an accident in the insured car. Medical expenses that are covered includes hospitals visits, nursing services surgical procedures, Xrays, ambulance costs, and so on. Insurance for this kind of coverage can be mandatory or not, dependent on the state that which you reside. But in many states, insurance for medical costs is an option.

This means that if your insurance coverage isn’t in place that your medical expenses as well as the medical expenses of other passengers are your responsibility. Even if you’ve purchased auto liability insurance, it will not cover these expenses. Instead, it’ll cover the health care expenses of another party due to the bodily injury liability part of the liability insurance policy. Medical payments coverage may be the same as personal injury insurance in that it covers for you or your passengers the medical expenses of your passengers. Personal injury protection is an entirely different kind of insurance. Discover more.

The insurance policy covers personal injuries.

Personal Injury Protection Insurance is also known as ‘no-fault insurance.’ It is designed to provide medical care costs which are not covered by current health insurance. If you’ve suffered an injury in an auto accident. PIP Insurance is known as no fault insurance. It protects you regardless of fault. PIP coverageis similar to the liability insurance, is required in certain states. PIP insurance is also expanded to cover lost wages. This can reduce your strain on your finances while recovering from an injury.


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