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Inspections are performed in order to ensure the safety of your food preparation services. You must ensure your staff members have ServSafe certification so that they are able to prepare and cook food in a safe manner so that an inspector doesn’t cite the company for violations. For employees to be able to understand the importance of food safety and help pass inspection, they should be familiar with the procedure for inspection. In this short video, you will learn what an inspection typically looks like.

The inspectors will start with washing their hands, to ensure they also ensure the safety of the place. The inspector will be watching the happenings in the kitchen . They will also ask questions to the preparers, which includes how they cook various dishes. It is possible to see details like hairnets and gloves as well with clean and clean hands as well as soaps. Your employees will respond better to safety questions after they’ve completed ServSafe course. xtkx5ctr1p.

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