What to Look For In Sitter Services For the Elderly – InClue

ople that matter to them. For situations like this Sitting services can be an ideal solution to get them the support and assistance they need.

Professionally trained care-giver often referred to as a “senior sitter,” is an adult working with programs that aid those who are elderly. This program matches up “sitters” with older or disabled citizens who need someone to sit alongside and assist them and make sure they get to be out and about.

Care companions for seniors work differently to personal caregivers. As opposed to PCA, the care companion is not licensed to perform the medical duties or administer medication for their elderly. The job of a care companion is similar like a babysitter young child. Their job is to serve as an accompanying person for someone who otherwise doesn’t have an immediate family member to take care of them.

These programs permit seniors as well as caregivers to stay in their homes and retain their dignity.


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