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Clear aligners are an alternative for braces. They are able to straighten your teeth. The aligners of Invisalign change every 2 weeks by using different forms. Before you start Invisalign treatment it is important to know a few aspects you need to know. Let’s take a look at Invisalign.

First, you need be aware of how you can clean your aligners. Aligners are susceptible to staining over time just like teeth. There are ways of keeping the aligners dry when they start to become stained. Each day you could put your aligners in mouthwash. Because it’s what the mouth uses to remove stain, you can use mouthwash to remove stains.

One thing to be aware of is that you must be wearing aligners most of the time every day. The only time that you need to have to take them off is before bed. This isn’t giving your aligners enough time to work. They should be taken out for coffee or food.

There are two important points concerning Invisalign.


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