What You Should Know About Round Brilliant Diamonds – Reference Video.net

The presenter first discusses how flaws in round-brilliant diamonds can significantly affect the appearance of these diamonds. Since this style of diamond is made to catch light perfectly and give an incredible sparkle effect, any imperfections will affect the overall appearance.

The option to compromise a bit in clarity if need a diamond of the highest quality for investment. In general, the imperfections of a diamond’s clarity aren’t very obvious to the naked eyes. This means if you’re planning on wearing or displaying your diamond, it’s unlikely that anyone will be able to see any flaws in its clarity. This is particularly true of diamonds with the clarity grade SI1 or greater.

Search for diamonds with that G, H or I spectrum when it comes to the color. These diamonds will look beautifully crystal clear with no obvious hues of yellow. 1olxkgkxxn.

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