How to Effectively Market Your Website Online

Google rankings

Did you know that Google uses goats to mow the lawns of its company headquarters? Although Google may have some unconventional tendencies, websites must rank highly on Google in order to earn more traffic. More than 90% of American adults perform at least one search per day, and there are several SEO, or search engine optimization, strategies that will help your website attract these users.

1. Mobile web design. Not only should your website work properly on desktop computers, but it must also be compatible with all mobile devices, as well. This is because 48% of mobile users use their devices to seek out promotions or look up product reviews, and mobile internet usage is expected to surpass desktop internet usage by 2014. As a result, your website must work flawlessly on mobile devices in order to appeal to mobile users.

2. Content creation. Content creation is used by 75% of all marketers, making it one of the most popular internet marketing strategies. This SEO technique involves producing keyword-rich articles and blogs that are used to rank websites higher on search engine results pages. Since 75% of internet users never look past the first page of search results, and companies have 434% more indexed pages when they blog, content creation is an important online marketing strategy to utilize.

3. Social media marketing. Your website must maintain a significant presence on social media sites. This is because 65% of adult internet users use at least one social media site, and 18% of consumers research products using social media. By marketing your website on social media sites, it will be able to appeal to more users.

In order to effectively market on Google, several SEO strategies must be implemented. Mobile web design, content creation, and social media marketing, for example, are three important internet marketing techniques. By utilizing them, your website will experience a substantial increase in the amount of traffic it receives.

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