What are Servers? – Discovery Videos


A slow and jerky experience, packed with issues. But what do servers do? This video provides the basic understanding of servers to help you understand their importance.

Servers are the computer systems that provide services to clients computers. Servers collect data needed by computers that are not their own. These data are pulled from computers of clients, and is then passed on to the user.

Servers comprise the primary components: CPU motherboard, motherboard, hard drive as well as power supply, memory and. Servers are located within a server room. The wiring and servers are meticulously organized by skilled techs. The space is clean from dust and dirt. In order to ensure that servers are able to manage huge volumes of information, the climate management system is flawless.

These networks function as bridges between computers and servers. The server is contacted by your computer to request information. Information is passed on to other computers on the network.

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