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What You Do Not Know About Your Search Engine Rankings Could Lose You Business

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The search engine rankings of your website matter more than you think they do. Think about it. Your website is the first impression to most new customers nowadays. There are over 100 billion global searches conducted each month as people search the biggest marketplace in the world the product or service that they need, and chances are they either click the first result, or they find what they look for on the first page.

People are taking notice, too. Business worry about their online presence as much, if not more, than their physical presence. In fact, 57 percent of B2B (Business to Business) marketers say that SEO has the largets influence on their lead generation, which means that more than half of marketers think that Internet marketing (like search engine rankings) are the most important method of marketing.
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Do you Like Google? Do you Like Goats? Then you Will Really Like Google

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How do you feel about goats? Well Google likes them. The lawn at Google headquarters is mowed by goats that they rent from a goat grazing company. And I bet that the goat grazing company has some pretty solid search engine rankings. Those Google rankings are absolutely crucial to being seen on the internet. And being seen on the internet is your meal ticket, because that exposure is what is going to bring in even more business for you.

If you do not rank high enough to be seen on the first page of the Google searches, there is no point in even having a web site, because no one is going to find it. For the goat grazing company, they have something of an advantage because Google hires them. But for you, unless Google hires your services (and what do they need knitted cat sweaters for?), you are go Read More

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